A Vegan 2nd Birthday

Love Life and Lollipops- Avi's Vegan Birthday Cake
Avi's birthday cake was so delicious and totally vegan!

Saturday was Avital's birthday and we had a little party for her at my parents' house.  It's really difficult to throw a small party with our family because there are just soooooo many of us.  Because of that we really limited it to family and her boyfriend, Ike, and of course his fam.

I always make a big deal about making sure that our parties are both vegan and satisfactory to all those who chose not to be.  I must say that all of Richie's brothers are pretty judgmental about our dietary choices and like to make jokes about it, so I always do my best to impress.  This time I was totally up for the challenge!

We ordered a vegan cake from Whole Foods (which was so amazing that my father-in-law kept asking if it was really vegan because the buttercream tasted so good).  We also ordered from them a few roasted veggie hoagies and 30 tofu dogs wrapped in pizza dough (like really big pigs in a blanket...they were amazing!).

I contributed by making some potato salad and cole slaw (recipes here) and some black and white cookies from the PPK girls.  While I was in the kitchen until 11:30p friday night, it was totally worth it.  No one even knew I made the cookies (a testament to how "professional" they looked...which I totally didn't agree with, but...) and the salads were a hit (even though they were vegan).

Pair the food with a life sized Buzz Lightyear (who sufficiently scared the pants off Avital), a kiddie pool filled with balls, and a jump-o-lene, plus a beautiful day, it was a fabulous (and probably pretty typical) 2nd birthday all the better for being vegan!

The jump-o-lean was totally fun for all the kids and a great way to let them get a little energy out.

Avi had a blast playing in the balls.