A Trip To Coldspring and A Breath of Amazingly Fresh Air

Love LIfe and Lollipops- Me in Bobbie's Back Yard!

The view from Bobbie's house is unbelievable.  You'd never believe how many trees, and old ones, fit in this valley. Last week, my mom and I drove up to Coldspring with Avi to visit an old, old friend of ours.  Bobbie's daughter was one of my first friends and though Danielle and I have gone our separate ways over the years, Bobbie and I have become close!

Bobbie has an Uh-mazing house up in Coldspring, NY and she invited us up for the day to visit, lunch, and take a trip over to DIA Beacon which isn't too far from her home.

Upon arrival, I was in total awe of the countryside.  Her house is on top of a mountain and looks down in all direction on some of the most beautiful nature I've experienced in a while.  Look for yourself:

This view of the Hudson Valley from Bobbie's porch is beautiful.

Bobbie eventually dragged me inside to show me the house (it had been more years than I could remember since I had been there and my last memory was Danielle and I snuggled onto their couch watching Rosemary's Baby and sufficiently scaring the cr*p out of ourselves).

Although, as Bobbie coined herself, a Vegan Virgin, she put together an delicious vegan lunch for us after a tour of the house.  She served us a pasta dish with beautiful and bigger than I'd ever seen bowties, vegan mozzerella, and a bunch of veggies with vegan garlic bread parmesan.  YUM!

This vegan pasta had tons of veggies, vegan mozzarella, and balsamic dressing.

With our bellies full, we piled into the car and took the scenic route over to Beacon.  The drive was superpretty and only 20 minutes or so until we got to DIA Beacon.

There were some great exhibits at the space, but Bobbie and I agreed that the best part were the supercomfy couches they placed in the middle of most of the rooms.  I especially loved vegging out in the room of Warhols:

It was pretty fantastic being able to just lounge and look at all the beautiful Warhols at DIA Beacon.

And it was especially nice that Avi fell in love with Bobbie (though they've met many times before) and so Bobbie did all the heavy lifting:

Bobbie and Avi are taking a good look at all the Warhols and absorbing some culture at DIA Beacon.

All in all it was a fantastic day and I'm absolutely planning a trip back soon!