A Thank You, Gratitude, & Positivity

You'll have to excuse my amateurness in that video, it was my first!  I did though, want to say thank you in "person" to all of you who have written me.  I love love hearing from you guys and always want to keep the line open between us.

Gratitude is a huge part of my daily thought cycle.  I try to remind myself as often as possible how lucky I am for this life I've been given.  Every day (tough or easy) is a blessing and I'm so grateful the opportunities life brings me. Each and every yoga class, my teacher Flo, takes a few seconds to talk about being grateful and dedicating our practice.  And while it's a big part of my own daily thoughts, the reminders are so incredibly beautiful and inspiring.

I believe pretty strongly in the power of positivity.  Only you can make your life and any life from any vantage point can be seen as good or bad, so it's up to you to put it in the right perspective, shed the light on it, love what you have.

Some days, weeks, months, this proves more challenging than others, but I find, every time, that when I put the right energy out there, the universe sends it back.

Since I've started writing regularly again and putting my energies towards this blog and the community that surrounds it, I've found that more and more doors have been opening for me.  There was a point, not too long ago, where writing regularly was out of my reach, but as soon as I made the space in my life, the time in my day, I've found that it's paid off tenfold.

Hearing from you all is what makes this all worth it.  Knowing that this information is being shared kindly and powerfully is so motivating.  So thank you all for the energy and strength that's been renewed in me.  I know in my heart of hearts that it can only bring beautiful things!