A Sweet Treat From One of My Readers

Love Life and Lollopops- Anita's Banana Dessert

This vegan dessert is delicious and healthy and hits the spot for Anita! Last night Anita (a friend of a friend and Love Life and Lollipops reader) wrote me the sweetest email with a sweet treat inside.  Thought I'd share it with you guys:

Hey Eve!

I've never told you this before, but I love your blog (I read it regularly), and I just made myself a little treat that I thought you'd enjoy (since it's almost vegan :-).  I was craving something realllly sweet (like a DOUGHNUT, which I never eat, since I try to stay away from wheat and dairy), so I put this together: sliced banana, organic crunchy peanut butter, and a drizzle of creamed honey from the farmer's market, on a piece of toasted gluten-free cinnamon bread from whole foods.  It was AMAZING!  Tasted as rich and decadent as a doughnut.  There's a pic attached here.

Hope the move is going smoothly and that you're having a good weekend!