A New Age and The World of Topshop

Love Life and Lollipops- Topshop Recycled Paper Shopping Bag

Since Topshop opened in Manhattan Richie and I have been a little obsessed.  The clothing is well priced and totally stylin.  Lots of it is vegan, though not eco-friendly or organic per se, but it is easy on the pocket and the eyes.

Here's what I will say for them, they give discounts for students (awesome) and their shopping bags are made from 10% recycled paper.  It's a great step in the right direction!

I hate hate hate the wastefulness that is shopping bags we all accumulate like crazy.  I do my best to always keep a reusable, foldable shopping bag in my bag for anything extra I pick up in my day, but whenever I forget it, I make it a point to reuse the  bag later.  I always feel a little better knowing that the new-to-me bag has been recycled at least once!

Top shop uses recycled paper shopping bags.