A Mushy Macro Meal

Love Life and Lollipops- A Mushy Macro Meal

This macro meal is the perfect vegan dinner. So...I told you all that I've been exploring macrobiotic meals a bit and I'm totally loving it (as is Richie and Avi).  I feel so good after eating such clean, healing, warming foods.

I'm certainly not going "whole hog" macro as Jessica Porter refers to it in her book, but I am trying to cook only macro in the house for family dinners.  While a lot of the foods are really familiar to us and old time regulars (like miso soup, brown rice, steamed dark leafies, and stewed beans), I'm just starting to learn about the delicious world of arame, nishime, and kinpira.

The other night I made this mushy meal of sweet brown rice with gomashio, stewed adzuki beans, and arame vegetables.  Everything was superyum and the perfect end to a gloomy day.