A Little Herbal Trick of the Trade

Love Life and Lollipops- Cinnamon Tea

Cinnamon tea is said to cure menstruation pains. So, I'm on my period this week (which is a good thing because it means I can start trying to get pregnant again!), but it's not a good thing because the discomfort is killing me!

I've been popping Advil more than I'd like, so I decided to consult Risa to see what herbal remedies she'd suggest.  Luckily the two she mentioned were both relatively easy!

The first is cinnamon tea.  Boiling water and some cinnamon sticks.  That's it!  And from my post yesterday, you all are getting the idea that I'm a cinnamon freak and that's because I am.

The second was a bit of castor oil rubbed into some soft cloth like flannel or the such.  Place it over the cramping area then a heating pad on top and voila, cramps be gone!