A Cold Day for Hot Apple Cider

Love Life and Lollipops- The Snow Falling Outside My Window Last Night

I love watching the snow fall! I can't believe how much snow fell last night!  We missed the last big snowfall when we were in Florida (and to be honest I was a little sad about it.  I LOVE a good snowing!).

Last night Richie and I stayed up a bit later than usual watching tv with the shades open so we could keep checking the snow.  It was so beautiful when it was coming down.  I love watching the snow.  And there's something giddy that happens in me on a day I'm waking up to see how much snow fell.  I guess it's a bit of a throwback to my school days.

On a day like today you need to:

  1. Strap on your snow gear and trudge through the snow a bit (better off with your dog or kid if you've got one, they always make for a good laugh.  Richie couldn't find little Sophie under the snow when she let her off the leash this morning!).
  2. Make yourself some hot apple cider (recipe below for spiced).  It's the perfect day for it!
  3. Plop yourself in front of a tv and find an old movie to watch like Reality Bites or Interview with the Vampire!
  4. Waste the day away and love it!

Hot apple cider is a perfect, sweet, hot vegan drink for cold days!

Here's how I make my cider.  Just like my dad did when we were growing up.  It always reminds me of when my dad would make it for us on a cold winter day and he'd light a fire and we'd all sit around and watch a movie together:

  1. In a pot (size depending on how much you're making of course), pour out enough cider for you and your clan (I often buy spiced cause I like it very spicy and then add my own additions on top).
  2. Drop in a couple cinnamon sticks and a few slices of juicing oranges.
  3. Heat on medium heat until you see steam coming off the top.
  4. Serve immediately!