A Christmas Eve Nightcap for a Jew in Florida and Santa

Love Life and Lollipops- Vegan Chocolate Chip Cookie Night Cap

Vegan chocolate chip cookies and kukicha tea make a superb late night snack.

So, I have to be honest that I'm not really up with my Christian holidays, but I'm pretty sure there's something to do with leaving cookies and milk for Santa on Christmas Eve, right?

Well, in the interest of being festive and loving cookies, I finished my evening on Christmas Eve with homemade chocolate chip cookies and some kukicha tea (arguably a million times better than milk).  I'm sure Santa would have appreciated the healthy version of the butter laced cookies and fatty, hormone injected milk most leave for him!  I probably should have left some on the porch seeing as we don't have a tree, but I was busy chasing Avi around the house as she yelled at me not to get her tushie...

I baked the cookies earlier in the evening and used this recipe, but I used melted Earth Balance in place of the oil, left out the vanilla (because we didn't have any in the house and you can't run out to grab some on Christmas Eve), and I used a good amount of cinnamon because I LOVE it.  They were honestly up there with the best vegan chocolate chip cookies I've ever made and superdupereasy!

Definitely try them while you're home with the family as they're easy to whip up and will be a guaranteed winner among vegans and non-vegans alike.

Merry Christmas everyone!