9 Weeks Postpartum Weight loss and Update

Love Life and Lollipops0 9 weeks postpartum

Sorry (I'm always sorry to you all these days).  Life of juggling and diaper changing...I could be in the circus!  I joke.  Ok maybe no.  Ha!

Anyhow, we're in Anguilla (and the internet is doing a disappearing act every few minutes...been tough to post)!  My in-laws took us and some of the clan for my 30th birthday and it's absolutely fabulously perfectly gorge here.  We are basically doing the same routine as at home, sleep, eat, diaper, sleep, eat, diaper, and in between I try to squeeze in some reading.  That said, I couldn't be happier.

On the weight loss front, I'll have to update you next time.  At 8 weeks I hadn't lost anything, but I feel like I may have in the last week.  If not, I've at least slimmed down a bit visually.  I've been working out (thank you exercise tv!) and doing my best to be more active and eat more clean (tough on vacay, but I'm doing my best).

To be honest, I think I got too caught up for a bit in the race (against myself, the world, not sure exactly who) to get back to my pre-pregnancy size and it was driving me nuts.  I need to remember that this is all natural and by treating my body well it'll treat me (and Baby Bar) well.  I'm trying to take a slower more natural approach now...letting my body tell me what it needs and doing my best to provide it with that (even if it's the sweets I crave like crazy), just ensuring it's a healthy version.

Are any of you out there on a similar path?  I'd love to hear your stories!!!