Sore and Soaring

Feeling sore is to feel alive. And that's how I feel today, the day after Zara Terez's Linked Together, Lead Together event. Alive, Empowered, Inspired.

Yesterday I had the opportunity to spend some time with some of the most influential women in NYC fitness and it was completely humbling and exhilarating.

I got a real taste of how new I am to this amazing industry and how much opportunity is in front of me to grow as not only an instructor, but a leader and motivator.

Patricia Moreno and Natalia Petrzela of Intensati both spoke and their words were powerful, truly moving. They spoke about community and weight of our words, the opportunity we have to change the energy of people's days, the importance and intensity of what we do and how it is so much more than calorie burn or muscle fatigue, but about capability, strength of heart, of will.

And then it got better. Kira Stokes (yes THE Kira Stokes) got up, told us her story, and then kicked our a$$es! Her class was hard. Like really hard. And I was tired (like really tired). And my muscles were already fatigued. And and and... But I did it. All of it. And it made me smile. And it showed me what more I can do. What more I should do.

And today I am sore. And empowered. And it came through in my classes. And the energy was palpable. And today was good.

Thank you Zara. Thank you Patricia. Thank you Natalia. Thank you Kira!


Side note: after posting some images to instagram Kira commented and mentioned that she noticed me smiling and to "shine on". In that moment I read the comment my respect for her grew exponentially. I have such regard for instructors who instruct well. Who understand and pay attention to their room. Who notice the smiles. I ALWAYS notice the smiles and want you guys to know How Much I Appreciate them! Xx