Efficiency, Focus, Inspiration, Motivation

Photo via Matt Roy/Lululemon

Photo via Matt Roy/Lululemon

Not necessarily in that order, but you get the jist.

Here's how this started: My birthday passed (November 29) and December hit. And I needed a new found mantra (before this it was Abs for 34...I'd like to keep the abs, so we're still doing that, but...).

So I got to thinking. What's next? Where can I next be excelling? With all this amazing forward movement, what should I be working on now? Where should I focus my energies? What makes sense? What fits the space of my life in this moment?

With the Lululemon Ambassadorship underway (yup! in case you didn't hear! see below!)...

...I really wanted to focus on growing and building and getting the most out of all the opportunities coming my way. If we don't work daily on forward movement, we will inevitably fall behind, or worse, plateau.

And it started the ball rolling. What more could I do? Am I functioning at my highest level? Am I doing everything I want to be doing?

The answer was a quick and obvious NO.

For all the things that were going swimmingly in my life, there were places I could improve.

So I made a mental list. And I decided to commit to it strongly through December. And at the end of December I will reevaluate what I want to continue, what I need to drop, where more I can push into.

And it's been AMAZING you guys!! I've seen more energy with way fewer naps. I've been eating cleaner (aside from the donut splurges of Hannukah;)). I have been doing lots of yoga (studio, private, AND home practice) to stretch. I have been doing barre class regularly to strengthen. And I have been going to PT to recover better.

I have been taking more salt baths, hydrating better, doing 10-20 minute savasanas everyday (okay, most days!). I have been spending more time with my kids and we have been taking Sunday adventures (ice skating, hiking, exploring, rock climbing). I have been present for homework time with my 2nd grader and cooking dinner and eating at home more. I wrote this blog post!

My productivity level has risen tremendously and my creativity has again been sparked. Life feels brighter, conversations deeper, classes more engaged.

My mantra is about efficiency, productivity, vibrance. I ask my riders: What if you hit your goals before the New Year? What then can the New Year bring?

Photo via Matt Roy/Lululemon

Photo via Matt Roy/Lululemon

Expect more. Get more. Be more.