I wear mom jeans.

Torn at the knees, tight in the tuchus, cropped even in the winter. I wear mom jeans cause I’m a mom first and foremost. A Brooklyn mom. An organic mom. A SoulCycle instructor mom. A holistic nutritionist mom. A writer mom. A yogi mom. I drink a lot of green tea. Get sweaty as often as possible. Have a deep love for doughnuts. And also for sauerkraut. I take my coffee dark, really dark, always organic, and preferably with coconut milk. I use essential oils to scent my home and love to burn incense, especially frankincense. I wear red lipstick when I want to get fancy and I hate getting dressed up. I color my hair. Red. Pink. Purple. Blonde. Sometimes black, but rarely. My kids drink excessive amounts of coconut water. They really like clementines. Clementines are tough to find organic. In my personal opinion, I think they should call them superduperfoods. Sons of Anarchy, True Blood, and West Wing are my three favorite shows. Macro bowls make me happy. So does really good, really loud music. It’s very nice to meet you! Stick around for a bit, let’s be friends.

Namaste, e

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